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You may order the following books in English

Hulda R. Clark: The cure for all deseases
New Century Press, 604 pages, 26,00 Euro

Dr. Hulda R. Clark's standard work explains the results of her revolutionary discoveries and shows many possibilities and recipes of self-treatment. The book describes chronical deseases and pains and presents the Zapper and the frequency therapy. You also find a lot of case histories.

Hulda R. Clark: The cure for HIV and AIDS
New Century Press, 646 pages, 29,70 Euro

With 68 case histories. As usual Dr. Clark presents one priority topic together with her newest discoveries. She describes her new invention, the Zappicator for zapping food and other materials.

Alan E. Baklayan: Parasites - the hidden cause of many deseases
ISBN 0-9740287-1-1, 220 pages, 14,00 Euro

Alan Baklayan is one of the leading German naturopaths, known from his publications and from radio and TV interviews, and with one of Germany's largest naturopahtic clinics. He presents his own experiences with the application of the Clark protocol. Allergies and fungus have been among his main professional focuses. This book is a wonderful addition to the Clark books.

Manual QuickZap and Powertube
64 pages, 20,00 Euro

For more than 10 years there has been many experiences using the QuickZap technology, and more users each day are fascinated by its effectiveness. This manual helps you to use the device effectively. With simple, easy-to-understand instructions and clear pictures, you will learn how to use it in practice.

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