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Colloidal Minerals     

The triumphal procession of colloidal silver is well grounded by the growing interest in other colloids, such as colloidal gold or germanium. Each colloid has its own specific qualities and effects.

In addition to our
Colloidal silver generator for the production of colloidal silver water, we now offer the whole range of colloids. These are not produced by the conventional method of electrolysis but by a brand new technique – Protone resonance.
Thus an extreme smallness of the particles can be achieved: maximum 30 atoms.

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Moreover the new
method guarantees for a high pureness of 99.9999%. Our colloid examples have a concentration of at least 40ppm. Due to the fractional size of particles, the pureness and high concentration, the dosage can be kept very low - one 200 ml bottle is sufficient for 1–2 months.

Colloid                     Concentration
Quantity    (ppm=parts
                      per million)
Price Basic price (per 100ml)
Colldoidal Aluminium 100ml         50ppm 37,90 € (Basic price 37,90 €)
Colldoidal Bismuth 100ml         55ppm     31,85 € (Basic price 31,85 €)
Colldoidal Boron 200ml         85ppm     62,94 € (Basic price 31,74 €)
Colldoidal Calcium 200ml         40ppm 74,90 € (Basic price 37,45 €)
Colldoidal Chrome 200ml         44ppm 74,90 € (Basic price 37,45 €)
Colldoidal Iron 100ml         40ppm 37,90 € (Basic price 37,90 €)
Colldoidal Germanium 200ml         44ppm 81,50 € (Basic price 40,75 €)
Colldoidal Gold 200ml         44ppm 79,90 € (Basic price 39,95 €)
Colldoidal Potassium 100ml         50ppm     37,90 € (Basic price 37,90 €)
CColldoidal obalt 100ml         50ppm     37,90 € (Basic price 37,90 €)
200ml         200ppm
500ml         200ppm
45,50 €
95,00 €
(Basic price 22,75 €)
(Basic price 19,00 €)
Colldoidal Copper 100ml         40ppm 39,50 € (Basic price 39,50 €)
Colldoidal Lithium 100ml         40ppm 37,90 € (Basic price 37,90 €)
Colldoidal Magnesium 200ml         44ppm 75,90 € (Basic price 37,95 €)
Colldoidal Manganese 200ml         44ppm 73,90 € (Basic price 36,95 €)
Colldoidal Molybdenum 100ml         40ppm 37,90 € (Basic price 37,90 €)
Colldoidal Nickel 100ml         60ppm     37,90 € (Basic price 37,90 €)
Colldoidal Platinum 200ml         40ppm 79,90 € (Basic price 39,95 €)
Colldoidal Selenium 50ml           44ppm 55,90 € (Basic price 111,80 €)
Colldoidal Silver
Colldoidal Silver
200ml         44ppm
500ml         44ppm
43,90 €
91,50 €
(Basic price 21,95 €)
(Basic price 18,30 €)
Colldoidal Silicon 200ml         44ppm 74,90 € (Basic price 37,45 €)
Colldoidal Sulphur 200ml         95ppm     63,78 € (Basic price 31,89 €)
Colldoidal Tantalum 200ml         44ppm 75,90 € (Basic price 37,95 €)
Colldoidal Vanadium 200ml         50ppm     74,90 € (Basic price 37,45 €)
Colldoidal Tin 100ml         60ppm     37,90 € (Basic price 37,90 €)
Colldoidal Zinc 200ml         44ppm 74,90 € (Basic price 37,45 €)

A 100-pages booklet describes the effects of our colloid collection. Available only in German so far. In addition you can order a test box with 27 Colloid examples. Each sample contains 2ml. Price 120,- € (incl. VAT)

You receive our colloids by a high concentration of at least 4
4 ppm (parts per million). The concentration of 44ppm are 44 dues of the element on 1 million dues of water, this complies with 44 mg per litre. Our colloid solutions will be supplied in blue glass bottles and have a long living of at least one year. The purity of the used element is 99.9999%.

The extreme smallness of the particles in the colloid cares for a maximum outcome because of: the smaller the portion (at same quantity) so much higher the entire surface and thus the area of contact and impact.

An example: A bucket is loaded with big stones. These stones have a facing of a normal size A3 sheet. The same bucket loaded with fine sand has by the sand surface already an expanse of a soccer pitch! Thus the finer a material is shredded, so much larger its surface.

Three conditions have to be met to define a colloid: Different components must be on hand (silver/water). These components have to belong to different stages (solid/liquid). The firm particles may not be solvable, what means not to allow any direct contact with the carrier substance. Other examples for colloids are clouds on the sky, fog or smog but also blood or lymph fluidity.


There is a simple way to check if there is a colloid available: if you send in a dark room a fine light beam through a colloidal liquid (just flash with a pocket lamp through a 2 mm hole into a cardboard box) the flash distinguishes clearly and forms a cone (“Faraday-Tyndall-Effect”)

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