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Colloidal Silver generator KoSi

The KoSi is powered by batteries or storage batteries and serves for the production of colloidal silver for a silver concentration up to 20ppm (parts per million).

The production of colloidal silver is quite easy: you decide the concentration you’ll achieve. You just lay the KoSi on a glass so that both electrodes are dipped into the water. You neither have to switch on nor off anything. An illuminating diode displays the current and the process of silver separation. After your determined time just drop off the KoSi of the glass to finish the silver water production.  

The KoSi contains three 9 Volt batteries (scope of supply) so that a change of batteries is very easily to be managed. The chassis of the KoSi is shatter proof and handy.

The included silver electrodes are made of fine silver with at least 99,99% silver content. You just need demineralized or distilled water. In case the silver bars are used up you easily reorder new ones for a pair price of € 21.80.

Price 118,-

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The operation by rechargeable batteries is not necessary but ecological reasonable. Nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries have essential advantages compared to nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries (major capacity, less self-discharge, no disturbing memory effect) and are more eco-friendly.

Our 9-Volt rechargeable batteries have an output of 160 mAh at a purchase price of € 9.80. The quick recharger Ansmann Powerline 2 charges within 5 hours two 9 Volt rechargeable batteries and has an integrated overloading protection (€ 28.00).

You receive the KoSi silver generator always with a detailed instruction manual for production and application. In addition we deliver on demand a list of therapists of colloidal silver: Terms of delivery please see our price list.

You can also order at our shop the following spray flagons each for
€ 5.80:

  • Eye drops flask (50 ml)

  • Body spray flask (50 ml, sprays horizontally and to the side) to spray on the skin

  • Nasal spray flask (50 ml, sprays vertical to the top)

  • Throat spray flask (50 ml also including a lens tube)

All named data concerning silver concentration (ppm) are based on an electric conductance of a room tempered distilled water of 8 microSiemens at 20 degree Celsius and 50% air humidity on 700m sea level. All data are confirmed by a specialised and state approved laboratory.  

Your opinion is important for us. We are grateful for your personal field report.

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