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Colloidal Silver generator Sikolator
The Sikolator produces Colloidal Silver in a high concentration of max. 50 ppm (parts per million). The Sikolator produces fine colloidal silver because of its current limitation at 4mA. It is powered directly by power outlet - the use of batteries is not necessary.

The current flow is automatically measured and displayed by LED. You have an optimum control of the silver water concentration with any kind of demineralized or distilled water.  

You also can determine the duration of the production and adjust accordingly. The colloidal silver generator Sikolator powers off automatically at the end of the programmed time.

In addition the Sikolator has an unique characteristic on the market: the current flow is limited to 4 mA in order to avoid uncontrolled separations of big silver parts. Thus the colloid is more refined, more effective and less harmful.

The Sikolator has a purchase price of 188.00, has a CE-certificate and will be delivered ready for use with silver electrodes, a glass bar for stirring and an additional glass for the silver water production. The included silver electrodes are made of fine silver with at least 99.99% silver content. You just need demineralized or distilled water. In case the silver bars are used up you can order new ones for a pair price of 24.80.

Price 188,-

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You receive the Sikolator always with a detailed instruction manual for production and application.

You can also order at our shop the following spray flagons each for 5.80:

  • Eye drops flask (50 ml)

  • Body spray flask (50 ml, sprays horizontally and to the side) to spray on the skin

  • Nasal spray flask (50 ml, sprays vertical to the top)

  • Throat spray flask (50 ml also including a lens tube)

All named data concerning silver concentration (ppm) are based on an electric conductance of a room tempered distilled water of 8 microSiemens at 20 degree Celsius and 50% air humidity on 700m sea level. All data are confirmed by a specialised and state approved laboratory.  

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