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Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver consists of tiny silver particles spread in distilled water.
The silver particles partly dispose of positive electric charge (silver ions).

Colloidal silver is efficient, manifold and free of negative impacts (subject to the adherence of the recommended dosage). It could be used by many ways: oral, physical, in the eyes, as nasal spray, vaginal and genital. We deliver for all these utilisations the proper spray flagon.


Healing and outcome statements of silver water are not allowed for us due to reasons of EU competition laws.


Colloidal silver has various extraordinary effects.


You can produce colloidal silver on a quite simple way by your own: with one of our Colloidal Silver generator.

 You benefit from the following advantages:

  • You save money from 3 litres of silver water on. You purchase of a silver generator because ready produced colloidal silver is quite expensive.

  • By own production you’ll always have fresh colloidal silver at home and hence optimal activity.

  • You’ll have guaranty to receive first-class colloidal silver without any additives.

  • You decide which concentration of silver you'd like to produce.

It is known since a long period of time that food could be kept fresh for longer by adding silver. Alexander the Great already carried on his long raids the water in silver pots. Our great-grandmothers still not disposing of fridges put silver coins in the milk in order to make it more durable.


The silver in the water as well in the milk killed the germs. Without the silver both were finally uneatable – by the bacillus. What was for a long time only traditional knowledge was finally scientifically proven in the 19th century: the antibiotic effects of silver.


Today airlines and the NASA benefits of these characteristics, in using silver filters for water preparations. Water filters often contain silver in order to avoid the contamination by bacteria.


Novel fridges nowadays have silver based plating inside for the purpose to controvert the bacteria. The Fraunhofer-Institute IFAM has developed body part implants. These implants have silver particles incorporated on whose surface for the purpose to avoid and prevent infections.

After birth of babies their eyes will be washed for disinfection purposes by a silver nitrate. In India a very thin silver film coats many sweets in order to cover the basic need of antibiotics of the general public.


Application for animals: colloidal silver will also be tolerated for animals without any problem.


For plants: Just add some colloidal silver to the watering water or just spray e.g. parts of plants affected by vine louses. This allows integrating the application of colloidal silver to the environmental farming. Flowers in a vase keep fresh for longer by adding some silver.


One can ask considering all these advantages why colloidal silver is still that way unknown – in view of the background that all these facts was already well known and indeed common in former times. Already before penicillin was discovered, silver was known as a germicidal mean. The pharmaceutical industry started the development of more and more new antibiotics with led to the effect that colloidal silver step was buried in oblivion by step.

Nowadays, because increasing strains of bacteria went resistant of antibiotics, the effects of colloidal silver celebrated an exiting come back. Most ethical and chemical produced antibiotics and antimycotics (antifungal agent) are only active against a small number of various germs.

In addition the production of colloidal silver was till the 30s very expensive. But now state of the art methods of production (electrolysis) made it possible to produce colloidal silver on affordable price levels.

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