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Detox Spa
The Detox Spa is our low-priced Detox foot bath system, designed for home use. It is fully equipped with all necessary accessories and characterized by security, reliability and high quality.

Scope of delivery:
Foot tub, control unit, power unit and plugs.

12Volt Voltage
0.8 Ampere current
30 minutes timer
Safety switch-off system

The Detox Spa includes all material for approx. 30 treatments: converter, 30 plastic tub covers, 100 g low sodium Salt and operating instructions for the Detox Spa.

The converter contains the two spiral-formed electrodes (high-grade steel) which activate the electrolysis in the water (see photo on the right); the steel dissolves with each application.

Price 178,-

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See this spectacular video about the Detox Spa.

The converter for the Detox Spa, salt and tub covers are expendable materials. They may be purchased together as a "UserPack".

The UserPack for the Detox Spa costs 68 Euro - buy two for only 58 Euro each. The new converter can be applied for approx. 30 treatments – depending on water quality.

Using our special cleanser to clean the converter after application extends its life-span up to 20% and disinfects same. 500ml special cleanser will last for approx. 60 uses and costs 29 Euro, we also recommend the acid-proof container (1 Liter) for 7 Euro.

Experience has shown that the Detox Spa is outstanding in its safety, reliability and quality in comparison with other systems in this price range. The Detox Spa is recommended only for private and not for professional use.

All prices include german V.A.T. of 19%.
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