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Vitalisation with
Detox foot bath
We offer Detox foot bath systems for professional and personal use
starting with 188 Euro inclusive consumer material.

High concentrations of ions in the air or in the water can enhance the metabolism. By electrolysis the Detox foot bath produces ions in the water.

By this, the Detox foot bath is a good possibility to increase your metabolism, because the body receives the electrical charge of the ions through more than 4000 sweat glands of each foot. One feels better, vitalized and more active.

The feet are placed for 30 minutes in a tub of warm water with salt where ions are being produced. One does not feel the electric current because both electrodes are built into a converter.

You can use the Detox foot bath continuously, 2-3 times per week.
To support the body in the detoxification process, we suggest to drink adequate amounts of mineral-free water (let water boil for 15 minutes). Further questions are answered here.

Detox foot baths are offered in therapy rooms, wellness hotels and cosmetic and beauty studios. They are also available for private home use. Therefore we offer you systems for professional as well as private use.

Click here to find out more about our Detox devices. Upon your request we will send you information about the professional AionoMed Detox system either per email or regular mail. Should you need more assistance, please call us under
0049 - 8192 – 99 70 234.
We speak english, spanish, italian and french.

Detox foot bath video to be seen here

Through the oxidation process the water of the Detox foot bath can change its color ranging from shades of brown, green to black. The Detox foot bath can cause reactions in the metabolism and energy system. This is verified through different diagnostic methods such as dark-field microscopy, measurements of skin resistance, Prognos, Vega, Mora, I-Tronic, etc.

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