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Detox systems
We offer two different sytems for Detox foot bath:
  • AionoMed system for professional use in therapy rooms, studios and for motivated home users

Detox Spa (BioEnergiser) is the Detox foot bath system for home use, at a reasonable price of only 188 Euro. It operates with 0,8 Ampere and is fully equipped with all accessories for about 30 treatments. Its outstanding features are safety, reliability and good quality.

The AionoMed system is meant for professional use and motivated home users. It is the only Detox foot bath system worldwide to be equipped with a metal-free converter, avoiding any metal to penetrate the body. This is very important because body cleanse should avoid to transport new metals into the body.

The AionoMed 500 amounts to 1.180,- Euro, fully equipped for 50 treatments (without converter).

AionoMed offers, besides the Detox Foot Bath, more therapy methods which are described in our special AionoMed information. We would be glad to send it to you upon your special request per Email or regular mail (free of charge).

All prices include german V.A.T. of 19%.

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