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The professional Detox foot bath system AionoMed is especially designed for medical doctors, therapists, wellness or beauty studios and motivated home users. It is world-wide the only Detox system equipped with a metal-free converter.

AionoMed may not only be used as a foot bath system but also be applied in various therapy forms such as bio-resonance, hydro-resonance and dynamic frequency fields (Sweep).

  • AionoMed 2000 has 24 V voltage as well as 2 plug-in and 2 plug-out possibilities (for further therapeutic purposes)

  • AionoMed can be equipped with a metal-free converter that does not produce ions but only electrons in the foot bath water. Thus it is avoided that metal ions penetrate the body. Additionally, electrons deliver energy to the body. The converter needs to be replaced after 90 hours (360 applications).

  • Current flow up to 2.2 Ampere – to be regulated by the amount of salt you put into the water.

  • The LCD-display shows adjusted and expired time, the intensity and actual polarity of the electrolysis as well as the total minutes used and total times it was switched on.

  • A safety system switches off in case of uncontrolled high conductivity of the electrolyte solution or by defect of the converter.

  • The power supply unit is physically separated from the AionoMed device in order to avoid contact of mains supply current with the water.

  • Acoustic signal when starting and ending the treatment – change of polarity in a rhythm of 5 minutes.

  • Additional therapy forms may be installed afterwards such as bio-resonance, hydro-resonance and dynamic SWEEP-frequency fields. Read more in our AionoMed info, we send it free of charge upon request per Email or regular mail.

Scope of delivery:

Control unit
Power supply adapter
Salt and tubs for 50 applications
Protection suitcase

In addition you need the footbath tub and the converter:

All prices include german V.A.T. of 19%.
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