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Zappicator AG-1
the food Zapper

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Dr. Clark states: This is not only meant for zapping food but also drinking water, cosmetics, nutrition supplements, toys, clothes, etc…

Vitamins and organic bound minerals remain unchanged. Metals and solvents (except Benzene) are not destroyed. The Zappicator AG-1 has a number of improvements concerning the effectiveness and is easier in applying than an ultrasound cleanser which Dr. Clark had recommended before.

The Zappicator AG-1 consists of two parts:
The Frequency Generator with 1000Hz and a high quality plastic case with two specially selected magnetic speakers. The food that is to be cleansed is placed on top of the box.

  • Easy application – turn ON, place on top, wait and done.

  • Automatic switch-off – after 20 minutes the unit will turn off automatically and give an acoustic beep sound in order to zapp other nutrition. It also gives you the option to zapp without time-limit.

  • Battery-alarm – the control lamp of the batteries will start to blink when the batteries need changing.

Price 158,-

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Scope of delivery:
  • Zappicator 1000Hz (+-5Hz) – square-wave voltage with a positive offset output voltage – continuing 10 Volts with enclosed 9V-battery

  • Zappicator box incl. cables

  • 9V battery

  • Detailed operating instructions and a German translation of Hulda Clark's text

  • Measurements 223x170x55mm, total weight 500g

The Zappicator wood-board: larger and denser

This board made of beech wood is not only an eye catcher but is double size of the Zappicator AG-1 (35 x 21,6cm). Besides that it has a denser magnetic field due to 6 speakers (instead of 2 of the AG-1).

The board can be activated with all BW21- or Diamond Shield Zappers (see photo right) as well as with the Zappicator AG-1. The illustration below shows you the bottom of the board incl. the lid, also made of beech wood.

Price 148,-

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The Tooth Zappicator

The Tooth-Zappicator is for treatments of maxillodental infections in the jaw area. It can be connected to the Zappicator AG-1 or to any BW21- zapper. Further details to be found Dr. Clark’s book “The Cure for HIV and Aids” (see books).

Price 49,-

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