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Frequency generator MiniFG

You can order all Rife machines Diamond Shield from all countries
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Price 248,-

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  • MiniFG can generate any frequency from 1 Hertz to 1 million Hertz. Thereby you can use all pathogen and health frequencies by Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. Raymond Rife and others.

  • You may choose the wave form - sinus or square wave - and also have the possibility to determine if the wave oscillates positive/negative or only positive.

  • You can create your own frequency programs, storing up to 21 frequencies in the device’s memory.

  • Clark-Zapper function with automatic timer: zapping-rhythm recommended by Dr. Hulda Clark (7 minutes, 20 min. break, 7-20-7) is automatically executed (program 5).

  • The output voltage can be regulated between 2 and 15 Volt in steps of 1 Volt.

  • 2 outputs allow 2 persons to use the MiniFG at the same time, or one person on different parts of the body.

  • Contact-control: an acoustic signal is heard when the electrodes do not have enough contact with the skin.

  • The clear display shows all relevant informations: frequency, time counter, chosen program, wave form and battery charge.
  • The MiniFG is safely packed in a carry-on-case, including operating instructions

  • Includes battery, 2 pair of plugs, 2 pair metal-free wrist tapes, 2 electrodes for the body and even a 9Volt rechargeable battery. Due to the croco adapter, cables and plugs are compatible with almost all other systems.

  • Please also see important accessories.

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