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You can order all Rife machines Diamond Shield from all countries
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Price 349,-

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Technical improvements of the Diamond Shield IE (Please click on the links to get more information):


The Diamond Shield IE is also available as rent instead of buy (€ 49,00 per month at most for two months). Rental will be fully refunded upon purchase.


  • The Diamond Shield IE includes 17 standard programs having 116 frequencies of Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. Raymond Rife, Robert Beck, Alan Baklayan as well TENS-programs for local pain treatment:

      • "Diamond Shield" for balance and regulation therapy. Regulation, coordination, activation of all meridians  within 6 minutes. All forerunners have been modulated by each frequencies and thus respective effectivity increased.
      • Well being sense
      • Recreation
      • Golden Stream
      • GR-M, Sch-M, Rü-M, Sz-M, Bo-M
      • Blood zapper program by Dr Robert Beck
      • The 3x7 minutes program by Dr Hulda Clark
      • Zappicator (1000 Hz)
      • “Plate” for plate zapper Dr Clark

  • Above all you can use all stored frequency programs of the Diamond Shield of our frequency chip cards for Diamond Shield:
    On these chip cards frequencies of Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. Raymond Rife and his followers are stored. Hence you can use specific directed frequencies and each user obtains the exact frequencies he/she needs.

    There is no need to adjust any frequencies by oneself; all pre programmed frequencies run automatically, frequency by frequency. It is also possible to jump over or to repeat frequencies. For example: the liver frequency chip includes the following frequencies: Askaris Ascaris larva, Askaris eggs, Lamblien.

  • LCD Display: Channel selection, remaining time schedules, frequency, output voltage and amperage are continuously displayed. Besides a permanent measuring of an optimized skin contact will be always reported.

  • Large frequency scope: The Diamond Shield is able to produce frequencies from 1 Hz (oscillation per second) up to 2 million Hertz (MHz), with an exactness of 0,01 Hz. , e.g. 3,57 Hz or 8200,12 Hz.

  • Technical specifications: Output-Voltage: 1-16 Voltage (+/- 10 %) adjustable.
    Power-Input: cir. 10mA, proportion 142x82x24 mm, balance weight 150 g.

You receive the
Diamond Shield in a solid box containing wristband, cables, battery and a detailed instruction manual. The accessories are here.

By the way: Having the frequency generator Diamond Shield professional you are able to code chips to any frequencies you wish. This enables you to replay any of those frequencies on any Diamond Shield device.

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