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Frequency generator
Diamond Shield professional

You can order the Diamond Shield professional from all countries
in our online shop Alternative Medicine

Price 693,-

Just order by Email

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Technical specifications:
Output-Voltage: 1-16 Voltage (+/- 10 %) adjustable. Power-Input: cir. 10mA,
proportion 142x82x24 mm,
weight 150 g.

The Diamond Shield professional is also available as rent instead of buy (€ 98,00 per month at most for two months). Rental will be fully refunded upon purchase.

  • Technical improvements of the Diamond Shield professional (Please click on the links to get more information):

    • Sweeping: to cover well directed all frequency ranges

    • Micro currents (up to 0,1 Voltage)

    • Constant current regulation: There is not difference if your skin is damp or dry, the device keeps the current flow continual and adjusts automatically.

    • Modulation: from double to 254 times modulation

    • Impulse - discharge: Due to pulse settling and unloading to earth the effectivity of all programs is three times higher.

    • Harmonical oscillation referring to Baklayan:
      Recreation and sense of well being on all levels.

    • Therapists can, for example, create an individual frequency program for each patient and save it on a master chip card. The patient can easily run the program at home using his own Diamond Shield device. This device can be rented, hired or sold to patients (20% is our discount for re-sellers) .

    • You have the possibility to program any frequencies very precisely: 0,01 Hz accuracy in a wide range from 1 Hz up to 2.5 MegaHz). For example 3.54 Hz or 354.812 kiloHz or 1.28 MegaHz. Thus you can use all frequencies by Hulda Clark, Raymond Rife and other frequency sources.

      You save your frequency programs on Master chip cards. The normal master can store max. 58 frequencies and be programmed again and again (24,80 €). The large master chip card can store up to 255 frequencies (49,- €).

The Diamond Shield professional includes:

- a data base chip card "Top121" with 121 Clark and Rife frequencies
- the Zapper-program by Dr. Hulda Clark with timer (3x7 minutes)
- the frequency programs "Diamond Shield", Feel good, Relax, "Golden Stream"
- the frequency programs Fl, Co, Ba, Pa, Bo
- the frequency of 3,92 Hz for Beck blood zapping
- Zappicator frequency
- 3 TENS programs (TENS means "transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation")

You receive the Diamond Shield professional in a solid box containing wristband, cables, battery and a detailed instruction manual.
The accessories are here.

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