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  New: Healing Clark and Rife frequencies on chip cards - for parasite Zapper Diamond Shield and Biowave

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offer many possibilities of the frequency therapy:

The Dr Hulda Clark
Zapper K100 with the 3x7-minute program of Dr Clark

Different multiple frequency zappers. Multiple frequency zappers are “semi” frequency generators thanks to the chip technology. There is no need to program the specific pathogen frequencies - all frequencies are stored on the frequency chip cards.

BW Golden Harmony

BW Golden Stream

Diamond Shield Zapper IE - Dr Hulda Clark Zapper, Royal Rife machine and Blood zapper by Dr Robert Beck in just one device. Call it a multi-frequency Zapper!


The frequency chip cards for BW21 or Diamond Shield contain programs of various frequencies. Moreover, the multiple frequency zappers have many frequency programs stored inside. 

Various therapeutic frequency generators:
MiniFG and Diamond Shield Professional.
Any frequency from 1 Hz to 2,5 MHz can be programmed and stored. In addition, you can use all frequency chip cards (except for MiniFG).

The zapper Quickzap Powertube 

The devices of Dr. Clark are suited for self-medication or professional utilization. The frequency therapy is a gentle and proven technique, based on the resonance concept. Hence this therapy offers a spectrum of many applications.

Dr Hulda Clark developped the technology of the zapper, based on a frequency of about 30.000 Hertz. Our Zapper K100 displayes this broadband program of Dr Clark. For more information, we recommend the book “The Cure for all deseases (see books).

However, it is much more efficient to use different specific frequencies, e.g. of parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungal pathogens.

The multiple frequency zapper allocates the whole scope of pathogen frequencies by Dr Clark, moreover all frequencies of Dr Royal Rife, Alan Baklayan, Peter Schmalzl and other frequency therapy scientists. All frequencies are stored on chip cards. Each chip card contains numerous healing frequencies - the program runs automatically.

Moreover, the frequency generators allow selecting and coding Clark and Rife frequencies. At the end of her life, Dr Clark invented the Zappicator - a food zapper offering cleanse of nutrition, water, cosmetics, clothing etc.

Besides we provide the Quickzap Powertube devices, invented by Martin Frischknecht, Switzerland.


Dr Royal Rife was a physician and developed the frequency therapy in the first half of the 20th century. If he searched a new technology for his scientific experiments, he just invented one. For example a microscope with a capacity of 30.000-fold enlargement. This method allowed him for the first time to see a living virus. He found out that many diseases, which up to this time were not classified as viral diseases, were actually caused by viruses.

The biologist Dr Hulda Clark continued the work of Dr Rife. She discovered many viruses, bacteria and parasites as disease causing agents and identified their frequencies.

The frequency spectrum of Dr. Clark is found in the Kilohertz range (approximately 300-500 kHz) whereas the Rife frequencies are in the Hertz range (20 - 10.000 Hz).

Dr Clark contributed a great deal towards research and understanding of the relations of diseases, pathogens and environmental pollution. These fascinating interrelations are explained in her books (available here). It was her concern that everybody can cure himself. Practitioner Alan Baklayan in Munich continues this way - the research on frequency therapy.

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