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Acupressure mat
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Acupressure mat
The acupressure mat brings energy to your body and improve the blood circulation. Simply lay down on it and relax.

In Sweden there already hundreds of thousands of people enthusiasted by this genial simple principle: over 6.000 small peaks made of skin-friendly plastic provide a wonderful experience of massage and relaxing. At the beginning you feel a strong prickling, then warmth and well-being is waving through your body.

Many acupuncture points along the meridians are stimulated, blood circulation and metabolism are animated. Even happiness hormones produced naturally in the body like endorphins can be released. Pains and muscle tenseness can be resolved.

The acupressure mat is well suited for any age. Lay from 15 to 30 minutes on the mat with nude back - ideal for relaxing after work and stress. Or stand on the mat in the morning for some minutes - this gives you a push of energy for the day!

For optimal efficiency we recommend direct contact with the skin. Sensible persons can put a thin sheet between the skin and the mat.

Create a relaxing and calm atmosphere when you use the mat. This moment is only for you - your body and your soul. You can put relaxing music or enjoy silence. Think positively and release.

Price 49,-

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The acupressure mat is available in two different versions:

Strong: Colour green, 68 x 42cm, 6210 peaks
Light: Colour pink, 68 x 42 cm, 7956 peaks

The strong mat is more efficient and perceptible more sharply. Thus it is appropriate for less sensible persons or for people with strong pains.
The light mat is for more sensible persons of for people with higher body weight.

The cloth of the mat is 100% cotton, the plastic discs with the peaks are made from skin-friendly ABS material, the filling is of polyester foam. You can wash it by hand with 30°.

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