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NEW: Earthing products
With our Earthing products you connect yourself directly to Mother Earth
and thus get rid of electric and emotional overloads.

Many people are obviously overloaded: by toxins, environmental stress, electro-static charge and, increasingly, by informations and emotions (stress).

Our idea is that an overloaded system
(the body and its energy system) cannot receive new informations such as Zapper frequencies. Therefore, the new multi-frequency zapper Diamond Shield is equipped with grounding function.

With o
new Earthing products you can connect to Earth when using other Zapper and frequenciy devices.
By grounding we can "discharge" and thus relieve many physical and mental ailments.

Discover the positive effects of Earthing on your health and well-being. Above all, better sleep, reduction of inflammations and pains and increase in blood flow are associated with Earthing (grounding).

You can use Earthing by walking directly on the ground or with an Earthing product, eg a grounded bed sheet.

As a world novelty we offer a bed sheet which is completely covered by silver (99.9% silver). This does not only kill germs but also enables the complete grounding while sleeping.

Our breathable, Eco-Tex certified sheet is a "half sheet", so it only covers the bottom of the mattress and is stretched across it. It can also span the entire length of the bed for grounding the whole body.

For smaller beds with a width of 100 or 120cm:
80x160cm sheet: 119, -

For wider beds with a width of 160 or 200cm:
80x260cm sheet: 149, -

In addition to our grounding bed-sheets, you can use all electrodes for Biowave devices:
Conductive straps for arm wrist
- Hand electrodes
- Body electrodes 60, 80, 100 and 140cm
Conductive slippers
This way you can also ground selected parts of the body or the body in a sitting position.

In addition to the Earthing product you need a suitable grounding cable. Here you have two options:

Coiled cord for radiator

Price 20,-

The best way to ground yourself is connecting your ground product to a radiator. Use our flexible coil cord for radiator (2.4m long) and connect it with the alligator clip to a bare, unpainted location of the nearest radiator (supplied alligator clip is of higher value than in the photo).

Coiled cord for power outlet

Price 30,-

If the connection to a radiator is not possible, connect the Earthing product with the secure coiled cord to the grounding nipples of the power outlet (2.4m long).


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By confirming our offer you make your order legally valid. This procedure is according to the german legislation for online trade (§ 312g BGB, August 2012).

All prices include german V.A.T. of 19%.
See our price list and our terms and conditions.

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