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NEW: Magnetic field therapy
with MagMobil
Magnetic field therapy at home or on the road with MagMobil.
Now even with battery operation.

MagMobil offers 6 programs for different applications.
The effect on health is proved by numerous clinical studies.

Price 990,-

ust order by Email.

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MagMobil works with relatively weak magnetic fields and short treatment times because it uses pulsed signals (pulsating DC, sinus wave).

This means that there are short breaks between the impulses. In the break the body can recuperate and become better receptive for the new signal. The impulses are also rising in amplitude. That way strong efficiency is achieved together with good physical tolerance.

Qualities of MagMobil:

Control unit and 2 mats: big for the whole body (160x60cm). And small for local application and use on the road (50x30cm).

Duration of therapy and intensity selectable (automatic timer)

6 new programs for different applications (between 2 and 15,6 Hz)

Compared to its "predecessor" CCS-Home, MagMobil is stronger and more power-saving.

Easy-to-transport in a special bag

With detailed manual

Tecnical details:

Output voltage max. 3 Volt pulsating DC, reducible in 10 steps

Magnetic field strength max. 50 mikroTesla (measured 10cm above mat)

Frequency 250 Hz Sinus, amplitude-modulated with 2 to 15,6 Hz

Power consumption: 20 mA

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